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2020 CENSUS - The Count Matters! 



Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that it will end all of its census 2020 collecting efforts – door-to-door, online, phone, and mail — on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, a month earlier than originally scheduled.
This late change threatens the Census Bureau’s ability to accurately count every person in the United States, a count that determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed to schools, hospitals, roads, public works, and other programs in our communities for the next decade. The census also determines congressional representation.
The outreach efforts aimed at historically undercounted populations that are not likely to fill out the census, particularity people of color and other minorities, are more important than ever.
We encourage you to complete your census questionnaire, but more importantly ensure you are communicating throughout your communities the importance and need for everyone to do the same by September 30.

Click the link below to complete the 2020 Census or Copy and share with a friend or co-worker. 

Click here to complete the 2020 Census.

The federal government uses census numbers to allocate more than $675 billion in federal funds annually for community programs and services, such as education programs, housing and community development, health care services for the elderly and job training.

  • State, local and tribal governments use census information for planning and allocating funds for new school construction, libraries, highway safety and public transportation systems, new roads and bridges, location of police and fire departments and many other projects.
  • Community organizations use census information to develop social service programs, community action projects, senior lunch programs and child care centers.
  • Businesses use the numbers to decide where to locate factories, shopping centers, movie theaters, banks and offices — activities that often lead to new jobs.
  • The U.S. Congress uses the census totals to determine how many seats a state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, states use the numbers to allocate seats in their law-making bodies.

Interested in holding a Special Event in the City of Petersburg or use a Park for a Family Reunion or Birthday Celebration?  Due to COVID-19 the City of Petersburg will no longer accept Special Events Permits or Union Train Station Rentals until further notice.Special Events - Petersburg, VA
The first step  in the Special Events Process: Review the Special Events Policy and Procedures Manual. Due to COVID-19 the City of Petersburg will no longer accept Special Events Permits or Union Train Station Rentals until further notice.

Obtain and complete a Special Events permit - you must complete the event application in it’s entirety. Please also review and print the application for your records before submitting.

 To complete the special events process, you will need to: 

  1. Apply for the Special Event Application (Click here for the Special Event Application)
  2. Complete any City Service Permit Applications (if applicable)  
  3. Submit General Liability Insurance Certificate and Policy Endorsement
  4. Meet with the Special Events Committee- if applicable (Special Events Committee includes the following departments, (Special Events, Fire, Police, Commissioner of Revenue, Public Works, Health Department, Emergency Medical Services,) during the review process. 
  5. Special Events Committee will make recommendation to the City Manager’s Office for final decision. 
  6. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, renter must obtain a banquet license from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. A copy of the ABC License must be submitted one month prior to the Special Events Office.  If alcohol is served - a City Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy will be assigned to the event. The cost per hour will be incurred by the applicant renting the venue. For additional information, please call 804-324-4014.  

Questions regarding your event or application - please email tcyerby@petersburg-va.org. 


Union Train Station- Weddings, family celebrations & meetings 

Due to COVID-19 the City of Petersburg will no longer accept Special Events Permits or Union Train Station Rentals until further notice. All events scheduled September, October, November and December during the 2020 calendar year will have 50 or less in attendance.   If you have questions - please email tcyerby@petersburg-va.gov

103 River Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23803
 Capacity: 272,   Seated: 170 (with tables/Chairs)

Let us take care of your special day- Rent our venue for your next party, wedding, meeting or private event. The Union Train Station is designed to make it easy for any type of event with full seating, dance area and additional equipment like tables and chairs. The venue also offers parking spaces in front of the facility and a nearby City Lot for additional parking.   

Weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) the Union Train is available for usage (meetings only) for Non-Profit Organizations;  free of charge (3 hour limit). Must show proof of Non-Profit Status.

Please click the Union Train Station Application Link below - all information concerning the rental process ls listed on the application - please click the link below. 


No Venue Viewing until further notice