Petersburg Bureau of Police


Mission Statement

The Petersburg Bureau of Police protects persons and property by providing essential law enforcement and public safety services, while promoting officer engagement and community involvement, stability and order through service, assistance and visibility.


Change is a necessary agent of progress.  A change is coming in the manner in which WE will serve you in policing.  While this manner of policing is not a NEW technique, it is an efficient model that allow for greater community engagement on part of the officer as it relates to proven methods of crime prevention.  Evidence Based Policing is dependent on results that have been proven to reduce crime.  The Petersburg Bureau of Police is emerging in OUR new method of engagement and we are DUTY Bound to provide you with government services which are fiscally responsive.  Gone are the days of D.A.R.E, Scared Straight, and boot camps; these programs do not work.   Join and support us as we move to a greater concentration of care.