Community Development Block Grant

The Department of Planning and Code Enforcement administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

The operating year for the CDBG Program begins July 1 of each year and ends June 30th of the following year.  The U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development requires 45 days to review the City’s Annual Plan of proposed uses of the funds. Accordingly, the deadline for the City of Petersburg to submit the CDBG Annual Plan is May 15th of each year.  

The City begins the planning and budgeting process in early December.  It advertises and conducts a public hearing to provide the community an opportunity to provide comments and opinions related to community development needs in the City and to provide citizens, City agencies and non-profit providers information concerning the program and how to apply for the use of funds in the coming year.

Public notice and application deadline, including instructions, are posted below and are available every day of the year.

The City also advertises and conducts a training workshop to provide technical assistance to applicants and provide capacity building opportunities for the non-profits.

The City receives proposals on the 2nd Friday of January.  For the coming 2019-2020 operating year the date will be January 11th.

Applicants may make presentations to the CDBG Advisory Board at its initial meeting in January.  The Advisory Board meets as often as it deems is needed to prepare its recommendations.  

Staff and Advisory Board recommendations are published in March with a notice of public hearing on the proposed uses of funds. The public may make comments at any time prior to the City Council’s adoption of recommendations or at the public hearing.  The City Council may make amendments to the proposed uses. 

CDBG Proposal for 2019-2020

CDBG Application (pdf)

CDBG Application (word)