Financial Reports

Budget 2017-2018 and FY 2018 - FY 2022 Capital Budget and Work Session

Date Session
March 27 City Manager Proposed Budget to Council 
March 27-April 28 Council Work Sessions on Budget
March 27
March 29 Debt/Budget Policies; Capital Budget; Utilities
April 10 Police, Fire and Emergency Communications
April 12 Social Services Health Department; Personnel/Benefits
April 24 Schools Operating & Capital
April 26 Postponed until a later date. Leisure and Cultural Affairs; Planning, Economic Development & Code
May 2 Public Hearing on the FY 18 Budget
May 12 City Council submits recommendations to City Manager
May 16 City Council to discuss changes to the budget
June 6 City Council Meeting to Adopt/Appropriate FY 18 Budget
June Landbook Finalized
September FY 18 Landbook Produced/Published
October 17 Public Hearing on the Proposed Tax Rate Adjustment due to Reassessment