Public Education

Public Fire & Life Safety Education Program

Educating the community in fire and life safety skills is a top priority. Petersburg Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services offers a comprehensive Public Fire and Life Safety Education Program.

Under the management of our Public Fire and Life Safety Education specialist, this program is developed and then delivered through specially trained city fire personnel.

Programs Offered

The following Public Fire and Life Safety Education Programs are available within the City of Petersburg for its citizens:

  • Bicycle Safety Program
  • Carbon Monoxide Program
  • Career Day Program
  • Child Safety Seat Program
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Community Event
  • Community Reading Program
  • Disaster Preparedness (CERT) Program
  • Fire Extinguisher Program
  • Fire Station Tours
  • Fire Truck Demonstration
  • Remembering When (Senior Citizens Information)
  • Home Fire Survey Program
  • School Programs
  • Smoke Alarm Program

Additional Information

For more information on a particular subject or to request a public education program, please contact the Public Education Office at 804-733-2328.