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Petersburg Juvenile Community Crime Control Program

The Petersburg Juvenile Community Crime Control Program strives to provide the youth and families in the City of Petersburg a safe, nurturing community that will provide for their needs, recognize their strengths and support their success.

To increase public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency through effective prevention, intervention, and treatment services that strengthens families and changes the lives of at-risk youth.

Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act

History of VJCCCA

In 1995, the General Assembly enacted the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) that restructured funding for local juvenile justice programming. Block grant funding was discontinued for all programs except secure detention. Established block grant funds formed the basis for VJCCCA. The General Assembly appropriated additional funding so that all localities could implement programs and services to meet the needs of juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system. As a component of the legislation, all localities were required to expend an amount equal to the sum of their fiscal year 1995 expenditures for pre-dispositional and post-dispositional block grant alternatives to secure detention. This required local funding is called the Maintenance of Effort (MOE).

In accordance with the Balanced Approach philosophy, all VJCCCA programs must:

1) Promote public safety; 

2) Hold juveniles accountable for their behavior (sanctions); and/or

3) Build skills or provide treatment to improve a juvenile’s behavior (competency development).  

The Petersburg Juvenile Community Crime Control Program (PJCCCP) is a Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice sponsored community-based system of progressive intensive sanctions and services that corresponds to the severity of offense and treatment needs of youth and families in the City of Petersburg.  The joint venture between the City of Petersburg, the 11th District Court Service Unit, and the Petersburg Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court is designed to deter crime by providing immediate, effective punishment that emphasizes accountability of the juvenile offender for his action as well as reduce the pattern of repeat offending  (Code of Virginia, §16.1-309.2).

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Margo A. Hardy
Administrative Supervisor

200 North Sycamore Street, Suite 100
Petersburg, VA    23803

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