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Departments J-Z
Juvenile Crime Control
City of Petersburg Juvenile Crime Control Program


Parks & Leisure Services
Explore parks and leisure services including events, parks and facilities, and recreational activities.

Petersburg Area Transit
Find information about the Petersburg Area Transit including rates, routes, and services.

Planning and Zoning
Information about Planning and Zoning for the City of Petersburg

Check out the role and duties of the Petersburg Police Department.

Check out information about the Purchasing Office.

Public Information Office

Public Utilities
Obtain helpful information about the public utilities in Petersburg.

Public Works
Discover information about the Public Works Department in Petersburg.

Real Estate Assessor
Find information about the city assessor.

Learn about the role of the Petersburg Sheriff's Office.

Social Services
Browse information about the city's Social Services Department.

View the role and responsibilities of the city treasurer.

Voter Registration
Check out voter registration information.

City of Petersburg - Virginia